Mobile ‘biochar’ machine to work the fields | Green Tech – CNET News

Mobile ‘biochar’ machine to work the fields by Martin LaMonica An ancient technique to fertilize soil by creating charcoal from plant waste is being revived to tackle some of today’s environmental problems. The latest company to pursue manmade charcoal, called biochar, is Biochar Systems, which has developed a biochar-making machine that can be pulled...

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Sustainably Engineered Organic

There is a place for GMO. Check out this article from the “Wired Blog.” It makes a very lucid argument for the necessity of genetically engineered crops in sustainable agriculture.  Sustainably Engineered Organic By Bruce Sterling July 30, 2009   …checklist for truly sustainable agriculture in a global context. It must: Provide abundant safe and...

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Decisions made with sustainability in mind

The Hot Seat The Honolulu Advertiser From politicians to newsmakers to everyday people in the news ? Editorial and Opinion Editor Jeanne Mariani-Belding puts them in the Hot Seat, and lets you ask the questions. So get ready. Let the conversation begin. Reach Jeanne at Posted on: July 30, 2007 at 12:02:58 pm...

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