The development of Tropical agriculture and a vibrant Hawaiian rural economy through the distribution of current news, sound science, and reliable statistical information is the objective of this website. Currently this activity revolves around the Hawaii Agriculture Blog which attempts to dynamically weave the promotion of best agricultural practice with an impartial approach to the dynamic wide-ranging spectrum of Hawaiian rural issues. The blog section of the website is being expanded to include details regarding the following topics:
'awa (kava kava), abalone, ag tourism, amberjack, atemoya, avocado, bananas, breadfruit, broodstock shrimp , cabbage, cacao, carp, catfish, cattle, cherimoya, chickens, clams seed, coffee, cut flowers, dairy, eggs, fertilizer, flounder, foliage, freshwater aquarium fish , freshwater prawns, ginger root, goats, golf, Gracilaria, grouper, grapes, guava, hogs, honey, irrigation, jackfruit, landscaping, lettuce, lychee, macadamia nuts, mango, mangosteen, marketing, marine aquarium fish , marine aquarium invertebrates, marine shrimp, noni, nursery, organic, oysters, Pacific threadfin , papaya, pearl oysters, permaculture, pineapple, pumps, rambutan, sales cycle, sapodilla, snappers , Spirulina, Sommeliers, star-fruit, sturgeon, sugar cane, super ferry, sustainable, taro, tasting room, tilapia, vineyards. water, wells, wineries, and zoning.
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