Organic food: what you need to know

Organic food is no better for you than the traditionally grown even though it may taste better, say researchers. Despite the perception that organic food grown without artificial fertilisers, pesticides and other chemicals, is more pure, nutritious and virtuous, scientists have said there is little evidence that it is healthier. There are no convincing...

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ML&P stock investor taking over Kapalua Farms

By HARRY EAGAR, Staff Writer Pierre Omidyar, who invested in Maui Land & Pineapple Co. stock when the company was being pushed in a greener direction, is now supporting a for-profit/charitable combination that is taking over ML&P’s Kapalua Farms, one of the largest organic farms in the state. Since ML&P also closed its Maui...

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Sustainably Engineered Organic

There is a place for GMO. Check out this article from the “Wired Blog.” It makes a very lucid argument for the necessity of genetically engineered crops in sustainable agriculture.  Sustainably Engineered Organic By Bruce Sterling July 30, 2009   …checklist for truly sustainable agriculture in a global context. It must: Provide abundant safe and...

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