What’s Up with Carrots?

By Glenn I. Teves, County Extension Agent, UH CTAHR When you think of an orange vegetable, carrots come to mind, but once upon a time the most common color of carrots wasn’t orange. It wasn’t until the 1500s that the Dutch stumbled upon an orange carrot and focused on developing more orange varieties.Believed to...

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Expert urges farmers to take lead on food safety

DENVER (AP) — A food safety expert told Colorado farmers Thursday that last year’s deadly listeria outbreak traced to Colorado cantaloupe proved that they cannot rely on third-party inspections to guarantee their produce is safe. MORE: Listeria-linked cantaloupe farm had rated high in audit STORY: FDA cites dirty equipment in deadly cantaloupe outbreak Larry...

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The bright sparks of electro-horticulture

Ever since Benjamin Franklin got his knuckles burned when flying a kite in a thunderstorm, many scientists — and even more quacks — have been curious about the possibilities of what has been called electro-horticulture. The logic is inescapable — most things react in some way to an electric current. Why shouldn’t plants react...

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