Analysis of Kava Side Effects Reports Concerning the Liver–Probable cause relationship related to overdosage of kava extract

Translation to English by Lindenmaier M and Brinckmann J
31. December 2001

Analysis of hepatotoxic reactions listed by the BfArM (German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices)

In addition to the above mentioned case related to recommended usage (Strahl et al.), there are three cases with a possible causality to kava, associated with non-recommended dosages. One such case can be classified as drug abuse (Kraft et al. 2001).In one case, a contributing immunological reaction and a concurrent cytochrom-P450-2D6 deficiency could be detected (IKS-case 2000-0014). The official justification for a causal relationship in another case (IKS-case 2000-3052) is based on erroneous correlations and should therefore be classified as doubtful.

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