Hawaii Monthly Livestock Review

December Egg Production Down 16 Percent From A Year Ago

Hawaii egg production totaled 7.4 million (20,556 cases) in December 2006, down 16 percent from December 2005. The average number of layers on hand during December 2006 was estimated at 409,000, down 2 percent from November and down 15 percent from December 2005. The average rate of lay during December 2006 was 1,809 per 100 layers (58.4 percent rate of lay), down 2 percent from December 2005.

Expected vegetable acreage for harvest in February when compared with acreage harvested in January are expected to increase for Chinese cabbage (+9%), Head cabbage (+7%), dry onions (+67%), green onions (+60%), and romaine (+40%), while decreases in harvested acreage are expected for snap beans (-29%), mustard cabbage (-11%), and cucumbers (-3%). The expected acreage for harvest for the remaining crops were unchanged.

Cattle Marketings In December Up 19 Percent From A Year Ago

Total cattle marketings for December 2006 is estimated at 6,900 head, up 19 percent from December 2005. Cumulative marketings for 2006 totaled 48,400 head, down 2 percent from 2005.

December exports up 24 percent from year ago

Exports of steers and heifers totaled 6,100 head in December 2006, up 24 percent from a year ago. A breakdown of the exports shows that steers accounted for 57 percent of December 2006?s total with 3,500 head. Cumulative exports of steers were up 4 percent in 2006 compared to 2005. Exports of heifers totaled 2,600 head in December 2006, up 86 percent from last December. Cumulative exports of heifers during 2006 were down 18 percent to 14,600 head compared to last year?s total of 17,800 head. ? Average live weight down 3 percent The average live weight of steers and heifers exported from Hawaii in December 2006 was 420 pounds, down 5 percent or 22 pounds from a year ago. The cumulative average live weight for 2006 was 426 pounds, down 3 percent from last year.

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