Molokai Ranch: Coconut palm removal worries condo owners

By Kate Gardiner
Molokai News

Trees will be used as barricades

Kaluakoi and Ke Nani Kai residents awoke to a surprise last Wednesday morning: the buzz of chainsaws coming from the fairways of their well-used golf course.

Some looked out towards the ocean to see some of the former resort’s oldest coconut palms toppling to the ground at the hands of Molokai Ranch employees around 6:30 a.m.

Coconut palms were being cut down around the Kaluakoi Golf Course, said John Sabas, general manager for community relations for Molokai Ranch.

Sabas said that the trees are being removed, “strictly for the safety and health and liability issues. We’re not cutting down all the trees. We’re selecting the ones that are extremely tall with fruit on them that pose a risk. We are placing them around the property to minimize illegal access to the golf course.”

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