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The genus Stevia consists of 240 species of plants native to South America, Central America, and Mexico, with several species found as far north as Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.Human use of the sweet species S. rebaudiana originated in South America. The leaves of the stevia plant have 30–45 times the sweetness of sucrose (ordinary table sugar). The leaves can be eaten fresh, or put in teas and foods.

SUGAR (NYSEArca: SGG) chart added


I love cane fires <br />Click Here for a Larger Image
I love cane fires
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The IPATH DJ-UBS SUGAR (NYSEArca: SGG) sugar index has been included with the annual and weekly Hawaii Agriculture and Related Stocks, ETFs, and ETNs Charts because of the importance of the prices to Agriculture in Hawaii.

Also a comparative performance chart is now included on the Hawaii Agriculture and Related Stocks ETFs ETNs Annual Charts page.

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