Rewriting the production of Pacific High value crops


The Kava store has embarked and completed a research on how the use of solar food dryer rewrite Tamarind production in Lelepa and Havana area and Nangae nut on Nguna, much to the surprise of many Pacific scientists.

The realization and utilisation of the solar food dryer could now provide for thousands farmers, under the trees to maximize profit and taking control to semi value product.

It was developed and modified by Charles Longwah and engineers Miss Telia Curtic, Dr Richard Corkish, head of the school of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering.

The project which was co supervised by professor Robert Fuller, renowned solar dryer expert from Deakin University and Charles Longwah completed value addition and preservation on every Agriculture crop in Vanuatu on how to preserve the produce in two years.

Last month with Miss Electra, a scientist at the Sunshine Coast University of, research work on all analytic, national, humidity of Vanuatu Tamarind. The findings will be release soon this year.

Nangae nut is one most dedicate nuts in the world, when cracked for three it cannot be value added.

The Kava store technique in 2013, “results in a perfect Nangae nut without oxidation and rancid,” says Kava Store entrepreneur Longwah.