$22 Million Approved For Hawaii Projects

Projects Include the U.S. Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center, Agriculture and Aquaculture Research, Pest Control

Friday, July 20, 2007
For Immediate Release

WASHINGTON ? U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye announced today that the Senate Appropriations Committee has approved nearly $22 million for Hawaii-related agricultural projects in Fiscal Year 2008.

?I am especially pleased that my fellow appropriators continue to support the creation of the centralized U.S. Pacific Basin Agriculture Research Center in Hilo by approving $2.5 million for a portion of its second phase of construction, and more than $7.1 million for research by its staffers who are no longer scattered throughout the state, and are now working together in the completed first phase of the facility,? said Senator Inouye, a senior member of the funding panel.

?This facility and its research work benefit not just Hawaii, but all of the United States. At a time when there is heightened concern over the quality of foreign food products entering the United States, the center?s work is consistent with the federal mission to ensure high quality and safe food for consumers. It also ensures a competitive agricultural economy. Moreover, its research supports agriculture in the tropical and subtropical American Pacific, which is generally not available from the U.S. mainland. The challenges our farmers face in our region are far different from those faced by farmers in the temperate zones.?

The funding measure also includes nearly $2.8 million for agriculture pre-clearance quarantine inspections at Neighbor Island airports, and $1.6 million to strengthen Native Hawaiian involvement in agriculture. Projects also include efforts to eliminate or curb agricultural pests.

The Agriculture Appropriations Bill, which was approved by a vote of 29-0 by the Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday, July 19, 2007, now advances to the full Senate for consideration.

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