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KAANAPALI — For those of us who remember what West Maui used to look like, it’s a cold reality check. Gone are the sugar cane fields that seemed to stretch for miles coloring the landscape with their vibrant hues of green. With the recent phasing out of pineapple in West Maui, it too was another blow to our island’s agricultural roots.

The truth is what was once the “traditional” farm is no longer a viable option for many plantations due to an unstable economy, rising operating costs and global competition. But another solution is offering hope to West Maui’s agriculture woes in the form of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms — a “new family farm” concept that not only offers a viable option, but a promising one at that.

Thanks to a dynamic collaboration between Kaanapali Land Management Corp. and MauiGrown Coffee Inc., this true agricultural community now melds the best of both worlds — spectacular home sites with a working coffee plantation.

The 500-acre estate is churning out some of the most sought after coffee in the world with its four varieties — Yellow Caturra, Red Catuai, Typica and their signature Maui Mokka™ — under the name MauiGrown Coffee. This year, MauiGrown Coffee estimates their harvest will exceed 320,000 pounds of “green” 100 percent Maui Origin coffee, up from 290,000 pounds the previous year.

While coffee is the buzz word at this breathtaking community, it is the lifestyle that has become the talk of the town.

On approximately one acre of your four- to seven-acre lot, you can build a dream house, cottage and/or studio. Each purchase includes your very own coffee orchard that is taken care of by veteran farmers who take pride in the fruits of their labor.

But seeing is believing. Stop by our model home, the Rainbow House, for a glimpse of what your life could be like in this idyllic community — a place that gives new meaning to the words “farm life.”

For more information on Ka`anapali Coffee Farms, visit us at our Information Center located behind the Sugar Cane Train station on Pu‘ukoli‘i Road or call me at (808) 870-0503 for a private tour. You can also visit our website at

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