Cannabis Business University Launches First Medical Marijuana Educational Seminar in Hawaii Setting the Standard for Education, Regulation, Compliance and Wellness

Sep 23, 2010 04:20 ET

HONOLULU, HI–(Marketwire – September 23, 2010) – Cannabis Business University’s President, Clifford J Perry, is proud to announce the successful launch of the Medical Marijuana Educational Series in Hawaii.

“We appreciate the people that attended the all-day event to learn about the medicinal and agricultural benefits of Cannabis and Hemp and to engage and participate in the process of determining the regulation and compliance issues that face the State of Hawaii.”

Recent Time Magazine article cites that native Hawaiians are at greater risk of dying early compared to white Americans throughout their lifetimes. Older Hawaiians, over age 65, are dying earlier than African Americans of their same age as well. While it is not clear what is behind the higher Hawaiian mortality, the study’s authors speculate that high obesity rates and diabetes, as well as mental illness and substance abuse among younger members may be contributing factors.

Cannabis Business University would like to thank the Hawaii Convention Center,, Cannabis Science (OTCBB: CBIS) CEO – Dr Robert Melamede, PhD & CFO – Richard Cowan, David J. Barton, MD, of Hawaiian-Pacific Pain and Palliative Care, The Law Offices of Jack Schweigert, Dennis “Bumpy” Kanahele – Leader of the Nation of Hawaii, Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii, Green Hands of Aloha and South Shore, Oahu Glass, NORML & Americans for Safe Access of Oahu for their participation in the Honolulu event.

Cannabis Business University’s Medical Marijuana Educational Series of Hawaii is proud to present The Guru of Ganja™ “Let’s Get Growing” with Ed Rosenthal, cultivation expert, Dr Charlie Webb and organizations Green Aid, Patients Without Time Hawaii on September 25th at the Sheraton Hotel Kona, Hawaii, sponsored by Cloud 9 Emporium.

Cannabis Business University’s Strategic Partner Group is dedicated to working with local, state and federal governments and regulatory agencies to ensure the delivery of factual information. CBUSPG is an exclusive group of corporate clients which includes multinational corporations, entrepreneurial businesses, private equity firms and non-profit organizations.

Cannabis Business University is continually evolving its curriculum, career advisory services and professional networking for individuals seeking knowledge, career and business opportunities across the United States and the World.

Clifford J Perry, President of Cannabis Business University, was quoted in regards to Hawaii, “It is our Mission to empower people through education and networking, to promote agriculture through sustainable family farming, and to identify alternative methods to promote wellness and integrate complementary medical solutions with traditional medicine.”

CannaBizU is planning a National Medical Marijuana Educational Tour of the United States in 2011. License agreements to operate Cannabis Business University Campuses across the nation will be available.

CannaBizU Is Contributing to the Medical Marijuana, Cannabis and Hemp Movement by Empowering Patients, Medical Professionals and the General Public Through Education — CannaBizU Fosters Entrepreneurial Growth by Helping Students Obtain the Knowledge, Skills and Support Necessary to Succeed in the Emerging MarketsCannabis
Business University Launches First Medical Marijuana Educational
Seminar in Hawaii Setting the Standard for Education, Regulation,
Compliance and Wellness — CannaBizU Cites Time Magazine’s Article
“Paradise Paradox”: Why Life in Hawaii Leads to Early Death

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