Christmas Trees in Hawaii : Aloha Howdy

Talking about Christmas trees in Hawaii is a little early being that its November 8th today.

But I was just watching Hawaii Five-O tonight, and it made me think of us getting our first Christmas tree in Hawaii. So how does Hawaii Five-O make someone think about Christmas trees. I’ll get to that in just a second.

When you are used to living on the mainland and you first move out to Hawaii, there are a few adjustments you have to make… a few ‘differences’ you have to get used to. To name a few:

1. Even though there is an interstate, it doesn’t take you to another state.
2. Shoes come off at the front door, and all of those shoes will be ’slippas’.
3. They serve Spam for breakfast at McDonald’s.

There are probably a hundred others, but maybe you get the point.

So coming up to our first Christmas on Oahu, we began to talk about where, and how, we would get a Christmas tree. We did learn that they do ship Christmas trees in and you can pick them up at places like Home Depot and such (yes, Hawaii has a couple of Home Depots). But after Sumi had done some internet research, she found this wonderful place up on the North Shore called Helemano Farms. Its a Christmas Tree Farm, in Hawaii. How cool is that?

So we picked our day for getting our first Hawaiian Christmas tree, and headed north to Wahiawa.

At that time, the only Christmas trees that they grew were Norfolk pines. They are very cool, very unique looking Christmas trees.

Now, what does all of this have to do with Hawaii Five-O? Well, for those of you who were watching tonight, there was a shootout scene (with about 15 minutes left in the show), where they were standing on a red dirt road. Well, when you are like us (from Hawaii but back on the mainland, waiting to go back to Hawaii), every time something comes on about Hawaii, you’re glued to the set looking for familiar scenes. And this shootout scene was one of them. We quickly recognized that all of the trees in the background, were Christmas trees (those kinds of trees don’t just grow anywhere on Oahu). The scene was shot somewhere on Helemano Farms.

So there you go… Christmas Tree, Hawaii, and Hawaii Five-O all wrapped up together in one subject.

Christmas Trees in Hawaii : Aloha Howdy

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