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Originating Article By Ira Zunin

If FDA doesn’t approve GM salmon to at least some extent, I don’t see how you can do any of the monitoring/study work that Dr. Zunin proposes or do anything to address global hunger because there will be no GM salmon businesses and no market for sale of GM salmon.

While Dr. Zunin says he is suggesting a careful, planned approach, his advice is actually tantamount to killing the GM salmon initiative from the start. By the way, Dr. Zunin has many degrees, but is his advice based on his “science course in middle school” or actual scientific expertise and study?

I would guess that Dr. Zunin is opposed to all GM plants/animals based on his world view/values, but offers no other solution for world hunger. While I do have a scientific background, I don’t have any business or other conflicting connection with plants/animals, GM or otherwise. In fact, I don’t even like salmon or other fish except as sushi. But “scientists” need to stop using their credentials to push their pre-conceived political/social agendas.

The GM debate suffers from the same scientific negligence and lack of forthrightness as the global warming and Superferry fiascos.. If “scientists” want to be “politicians,” they should run for office even though it is probably not as financially rewarding or unstressful as being a member of academia or an environmental/social issue non-profit.

This last comment has no applicability to Dr. Zunin. I am just pointing out that there are too many people in ivory towers talking big stories while relying on public handouts to support their lifestyles. Then, there are those that are actually trying to accomplish something even if they are not doing so for altruistic reasons. I guess I can be accused of talking too much too, but I’m just venting.

Nothing personal, Dr. Zunin and ultimately many of the things you say and safeguards you propose may turn out to be valid, but I think GM is a valid pursuit given our society’s problems and just throwing roadblocks in the path of progress is not productive.

Approval of GM salmon for eating is premature – Hawaii Business –

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