HC&S Field and Factory Tour

Bob Coffey of the MCA asked that I forward this to all of you.

Jan McEwen

Aloha All:

At the June Maui Coffee Assn Mtg a member recommended the HC&S Field and Factory tour to the group. The day long tours are for Maui residents and are the best ( if not only ) way to see their operations inside and out, and get a chance to speak with some of their managers. The tours are free and they give you great lunch ( and t-shirt? )but you need to make reservations. Upcoming tour dates are: Saturdays: July 21, August 18, Sept 22, and October 20. Wednesday dates are August 8, Sept 12, and October 10.

Contact info:
1. www.alexanderbaldwin.com/hcstour

2. or call toll -free 1-877-864-4400

3. Laurie Chang at lchang@abinc.com

It’s a day well spent.

Bob Coffey

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