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Store in Paia deserves loyalty

I remember the day Mana Food in Paia opened. It was a tiny, dark, two-room store of small size and few products. In fact, on many days afterward, the owner didn’t have money to stack many of the shelves.

Since then, the store has grown, spread out, diversified and prospered. It has also served the community with respect to wholesome, organic food at reasonable prices. It also brought people to Paia, which helped the other shops.

Since Whole Foods opened, traffic at Mana has slowed. Obviously, with the price of gas being what it is and the lack of parking in Paia, one would expect that people from the central valley and South Maui would change their habits and shop in Kahului. There is also something to be said for novelty. But there is more to be said for loyalty.

If you compare prices and if you search your conscience, I think you will agree: Mana is an old friend that deserves our support.

Raphael O’Suna


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