Maui Pineapple Production Resurrected

January 07, 2010

Reports of pineapple’s demise on Maui were, if not greatly exaggerated, at least premature. From the ashes of Maui Land & Pineapple’s defunct agricultural arm rises Haliimaile Pineapple Company, a venture backed by several former ML&P executives. In a December 31 release, CEO Darren Strand said the company "brings new hope…by immediately saving 65 agricultural jobs with an expectation of adding more in the future." Of course, the issues that doomed ML&P—and plantation-style ag in general—still loom, but hey, it’s the New Year. If you can’t be optimistic now, when can you?…

Loyal Bushies in the Honolulu First Circuit and Maui Pineapple Production Resurrected

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