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Production Generally Above Year Ago

Chinese cabbage production in March totaled 642,000 pounds, increases of 10 percent and 14 percent from the February 2007 and March 2006, respectively. Improved yields resulted in the higher production. In general, weather conditions were beneficial for crop development and kept crops in fair to good condition.

Head cabbage growers produced a total of 1.4 million pounds in March. This was an increase of 49 percent and 10 percent from last month and the previous year, respectively. Favorable weather conditions helped to increase yields and offset the decline in acreage for harvest. Insect infestations were kept under control with regular spraying. The crop was in good condition.

Sweet Corn growers produced an estimated 209,000 pounds in March, this was 63 percent and 248 percent above last month and a year ago, respectively. This increase was the result of improved yields and an increase in acreage for harvest. Favorable weather conditions helped to boost ear development and size, maintaining the crop in good condition.

Cucumber production during March increased 7 percent and 13 percent from February 2007 and March 2006 to 366,000 pounds. The crop harvested during the month was in fair condition. However, improved weather during March has helped the newer crop vines, flowers, and fruit sets.

Tomato production totaled 1.1 million pounds in March, a 13 percent and 10 percent increase over the previous month and a year earlier, respectively. The tomato crop was in fair to good condition.