The Monthly Hawaii Vegetable Report

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Drought-like Conditions Along Leeward Sectors

The month of July continued to experience very warm, sunny conditions. Trade winds persisted mostly at moderate levels during the month. The passing of a weak shear line between July 14 and 16 only intensified these trades. The trade winds were momentarily interrupted with the passing of Tropical Depression Cosme on July 20 and 21. These trade winds provided near to above normal rainfall totals to many windward sectors of the State. Tropical Depression Cosme, on the other hand, provided increased precipitation to the east and southeastern sectors of the Big Island. In general, leeward sectors of all islands continued dry and under drought conditions. This ongoing dry spell along leeward areas has resulted in mandatory water restrictions for agricultural or residential areas of the Waimanalo area of Oahu, upcountry of Maui, and the Hamakua and South Kohala districts of the Big Island. Although some crops have benefited from the hot, dry weather during July, many other crops have suffered; as a result, crop condition was rated only fair.

The expected vegetable acreage for harvest in August when compared with acreage harvested in July was lower for 7 crops, higher for 2 crops, and unchanged for 2 crops. An increase in acreage for harvest is expected from snap beans (+10%) and sweet corn (+61%). A decrease in the acreage for harvest is expected for Chinese cabbage (-8%), head cabbage (-28%), mustard cabbage (-11%), cucumbers (-11%), dry onions (-42%), and romaine (-22%), while the expected acreage for harvest were unchanged for head lettuce, semi-head lettuce.

July Review

Tomato Production Below Year Ago

Chinese cabbage production total 514,000 pounds during July 2007. This was 12 percent below June 2007, but 28 percent above July 2006. The increase in production from a year ago resulted from an increase in yields and acreage for harvest. Crop conditions on the island of Hawaii were mixed as heavy irrigation was necessary to offset the windy, dry, and very warm conditions. Some farmers experienced heat rot losses.

Head cabbage producers produced an estimated 945,000 pounds in July. This was 11 percent and 1 percent below the previous month and a year ago, respectively. The decrease in production was the result of fewer acres available for harvest. Crop yield was below a month earlier, but better than the previous year. When possible, heavy irrigation was necessary to offset the very warm, dry conditions and to keep the crop in fair condition. Insect infestations were becoming a problem in some fields along with the production of smaller and lighter heads.

Cucumbers growers harvested an estimated 438,000 pounds in July. This was 14 percent and 20 percent below June 2007 and July 2006, respectively. The decline in production resulted from lower yields which was the result of the moderate winds and dry conditions.

Tomato growers produced an estimated 1.3 million pounds in July. This was 13 percent and 22 percent below June 2007 and July 2006, respectively. Although the very warm, dry conditions during July helped to maintain the tomato crop in fair to good condition, the decrease in production from the previous month can be attributed to lower yields.

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