Noxious weed seeds found in grass shipment-Newswatch – Hawaii News –


U.S. Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists issued an emergency action notification after discovering noxious weed seeds and a plant pathogen in a shipment of thatched grass for roofing material at the port in Honolulu.

Agriculture specialists, while inspecting a shipment in early February, detected a large number of Imperata cylindrica, a species of a federal noxious weed.

They also found black spots on the stems of the grass, identified as a plant pathogen, Massariothea botulispora (Teng).

The agriculture specialists issued an emergency notification requiring the items be immediately exported from the United States.

"Some products can be a vehicle for harmful invasive species that can have a devastating impact on our nation’s agriculture industry, natural resources, as well as the economy," Bruce Murley, area port director for Honolulu.

Newswatch – Hawaii News –

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