World Tea News – Indulge Hawaii Releases RTD Tea With Stevia


Monday, 24 August 2009

by WTN staff 

Honolulu-based Indulge Hawaii has unveiled a new RTD iced tea that is sweetened with stevia, a first according to the company.

Called Plantation Iced Tea No Sugar Added, the drink is described as "a blend of brewed tea, pineapple juice and tropical flavors," in a news release. Indulge Hawaii President Byron Goo said the tea used is an Indian black tea. He did not elaborate on the brewing process.

Touted as a low-calorie beverage with just 10 calories per serving, Plantation Iced Tea is sweetened with Good & Sweet Reb-A, which maker Blue California describes as a "natural sweetener purified from stevia leaves."

"It’s thrilling to say we’re an innovation company," Goo said. "Now, we’re first to make a bottled iced tea using a brand new all natural, zero calorie sweetener derived from stevia.” Goo told WTN that Blue California had confirmed the claim.

Indulge Hawaii is a food and beverage brand that focuses on Hawaiian ingredients. The company’s stated goal is to use natural and organic ingredients whenever possible, support sustainable agricultural practices and make its community a better place to live.

World Tea News – Indulge Hawaii Releases RTD Tea With Stevia

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  1. Kimberly Ino
    September 2, 2009

    While it is nice to see a Hawaii company launch a new product, Plantation tea not derived from any of Hawaii’s agriculture except (as stated on their website) Maui Sugar. This inclusion is ironic since a selling point of this tea is its inclusion of stevia leaf.

    The day will come soon when consumers will discern the difference between hawaii grown products and products that are sold with “hawaii” marketing.

    Think Global. Eat Local.
    Hawaii Grown Tea at


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