Eucalyptus trees harvested in Hamakua for power experiment

HILO, Hawaii >> Hamakua eucalyptus is being cut down and sent to Oahu to see how it will work as fuel in a generator operated by AES Hawaii Inc.

West Hawaii Today reported today that American Forest Management has cut about 20 acres of 14,000 acres leased from Kamehameha Schools for the test project. The trees will regrow from the stumps and a second cutting should be available in seven to 10 years.

The logs are to be chipped once they reach Oahu and tested for emissions during burning.

AES has tested a variety of fuel at its Campbell Industrial Park plant since it opened in 1992, but it relies mostly on coal to generate electricity it sells to Hawaiian Electric Co.

The experiment is due to use about 3,300 tons of eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus trees harvested in Hamakua for power experiment – Hawaii News –

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