Data Analysis Made Easier and Less Time-Consuming by Integrated Wireless Technology


Last year, Priva and Aranet signed an exclusive partnership to enable integrated wireless technology in greenhouses. With the integrated solution from Priva and Aranet, it is now possible to connect wireless sensors to Priva’s Open Platform which allows the grower to view and analyze all data from sensors and other systems in the greenhouse in a single overview.

Optimizing strategy based on new insights
The demand for data continues to grow. As a result, the demand for more and new sensors to generate data is also growing. Patrick Dankers, Priva: “In the current way of working, however, growers often spend too much time organizing data. This is at the expense of time for analyzing data. Growers can now link the Priva-Aranet wireless sensors to Priva’s Open Platform. This allows them to view all data clearly in the online application Priva Operator, which can be used to manage climate, water and energy remotely. In this way, growers can analyze their data and change settings based on new insights, all in one overview. The integration of sensor and greenhouse data creates more opportunities for in-depth analyses with which growers can improve their cultivation strategy.”

Advantages of wireless sensors
The climate conditions in the greenhouse are usually not the same everywhere. To detect and react to these possible deviations, you will need (more) sensors on site. However, installing wired sensors involves high costs because it requires new cabling and installation by a service technician. Wireless sensors are cheaper and flexible to install at any location in the greenhouse. Whether you want to measure the microclimate around the top of the plants or around the fruit in the lower part; you can decide which additional data you want to collect to gain more insight into the environment in which the crop is growing.

Collaboration Priva and Aranet
Priva and Aranet entered a partnership in 2020 to enable integrated wireless technology in greenhouses. Patrick Dankers, Priva: “We aim to help growers with every challenge they face. Therefore, we are committed to working with specialized partners and linking them to our open platform. Aranet is one of those partners. They are specialists in wireless technology and have developed an extensive portfolio of wireless sensors for the horticultural market.” The sensors can monitor the following for you, among other things:

Air temperature and humidity
PAR light level- CO₂ level
Water content in the substrate
Salt content (EC) in the substrate
Temperature of the substrate
Weight of the substrate and plants
Micro variation of the stem diameter

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