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Small business grants in Hawaii are somewhat tough to come by just like everywhere else. However, there are eleven federal government agencies that do have grant funding for small businesses depending on what you are trying to accomplish with your business. These eleven federal government agencies reserve some grant money and they have research and development topics that will accept proposals. Small business owners or people looking to start a small business in Hawaii may want to look in these areas for grant funding. In this article I am going to list a couple of these agencies and give a brief overview of what they deal with so that you can see if it would apply to your small business in Hawaii.

The Department of Agriculture in Hawaii has current concerns that Hawaii is currently importing about eighty-five percent of the food that is consumed in Hawaii. They would like to increase the self sufficiency of Hawaii. If you were looking at starting a farm that would assist in this concern it may assist you in receiving a grant. Under the department of Agriculture you will also find information you can find grants for rural development. The Small Business Innovation Research Program grant is another possibility for one that wants a small business grant in Hawaii that will be dealing with various science based business.

For example if you are planning on starting a business that will be focused on forest, plant, or animal production this would be where you might want to look for grant money here. This grant money in Hawaii would also include small businesses that want to help develop the community or rural area. If you are looking to start a business that does market or trade of the previous mentioned topics you can also apply for a grant with the Small Business Innovation Research Program grant.

As a small business that would like to involve itself with these types of ventures, The Department of Agriculture is where you would want to start looking for small business grants. Now if this is not the type of business you are looking to start in Hawaii then we have more information on other grants that maybe able to assist you in finding a grant. Please feel free to look at our other articles to see what the other federal agencies deal with in order to see if your small business would qualify for one of their grants.

Hawaii agriculture and farming grants : Hawaii Business Grants – Free Hawaii Grants

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  1. Jean Hayek
    January 8, 2019

    Looking to apply for a poltury grant in Kau.
    Naalehu , Kamao’a rd area


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