Nut workshop attracting participants abroad


Calls have been coming in from PNG and Solomon Islands, wanting to send participants to attend the upcoming South Pacific Nut (SPN)nangae and natapoa nut training workshop from August to November, after alerted through the Daily Post website issue of 8th March, 2014.

But it is exclusive targeting Ni Vanuatu potential nut farmers. The harvesting of natapoa has started and with the first 100 kilo coming from Ambae and Emae, it involves many farmers, but mostly women.

The harvesting of natapoa will continue till July and nangae harvest from August to November. SPN estimates a production of four tons of natapoa kernel sun dry at Vt800 vatu per kilo and 10 ton nangae kernel with testa at Vt700 per kilo.

Tongoa women are the champions when it comes to cracking nangae nuts, with 82 kilos of nut in shell in 18 kilo kernel using two (laplap) stones. The islands of Paama and Tongoa are small, but 10 years ago buyers were buying nangae at a quantity of several millions annually and SPN had to stop due to quality.

SPN expects participants mainly from Malekula, from the south, Aulua, Tisman, Sarmeth, Wala, Worwor and north west Malekula, Hog Harbor nangae, south, north east areas on santo, Ambae Father E Mala from Longana with potential nuts ,Paul Ren, ex member Parliament from Maewo will send a team, Pentecost, Ambrym, Nguna and Shefa Islands. Again many have been refused, in particular if they are not potential nut farmers.

Every farmers coming in the training workshop can airfreight nuts every day during their stay to supply fresh crack nangae will to help the farmers offset the cost of transport, accommodation and food.

Nut workshop attracting participants abroad | Vanuatu Daily Post

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