What does Monsanto Hawaii do to help small farmers?


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Q: I’ve heard that Monsanto Hawaii wants to put smaller farmers out of business. Is this true?

This is absolutely not the case and, in fact, the exact opposite is true. Monsanto Hawaii is 100% focused on agriculture and our mission is to help fellow farmers succeed through the use of innovative practices and tools that empower farms to produce more food, fiber and fuel, while at the same time conserving natural resources and operating more sustainably.

As an agriculture company, we believe we have a responsibility to work collaboratively with our fellow farmers to promote a strong and successful Hawaii ag industry. Some of our efforts to help other farmers throughout Hawaii include:

  • The Hawaii Agricultural Foundation Ag Park at Kunia promotes sustainable local farming by making land and other resources available to small local farms growing a variety of produce and other crops. The Park was created through an innovative partnership between Monsanto Hawaii, Island Palms Communities and the Hawaiian Agricultural Foundation.

  • Ag Security Watch is a collaborative effort between local farmers, ranchers and law enforcement agencies to combat agricultural crimes, including poaching, theft, crop destruction and trespassing. Monsanto Hawaii played a role in helping to establish this program and we continue to actively support its efforts.
  • We offer a number of Ag Scholarships and Internships to students in Hawaii who are interested in pursuing a promising career in agriculture. It is our vision that these young people will go on to become future leaders in Hawaii’s ag industry. We also support Future Farmers of America at local high schools
  • Monsanto supports other local farming operations by subleasing approximately 10% of good quality agricultural land in Hawaii to other growers and ranchers. Given the high cost of land in Hawaii, this cooperative arrangement is a win-win for local agriculture.
  • Monsanto Hawaii is an active, supportive member of the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation and its affiliated county farm bureaus. In addition to supporting the HFBF’s mission, our employees regularly volunteer their time and expertise for various farm bureau activities including Ag in the Classroom and the Hawaii State Farm Fair.

Here at Monsanto Hawaii, we are part of a global community that shares a common vision: improving agriculture, improving lives. This vision is at the core of our business and we try to live by those words every day.

What does Monsanto Hawaii do to help small farmers? | Monsanto Hawaii

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