Rural Hawaii to be Heard

Hawaii Rural Development Council News Release

As a part of a nation-wide movement, a rural community-improvement council is asking Molokai’s mana`o for how to increase economic opportunities.

The Hawaii Rural Development Council (HRDC) seeks your input, concerns, success stories, and ideas on issues related to rural communities in Hawaii. State Rural Development Councils nationwide are gathering input to be presented to Partners for Rural America and the USDA. This is an opportunity for Hawaii to voice our concerns and successes locally to build on a national action plan to promote enhance rural development strategies.

A facilitated discussion will occur on Molokai on Thursday, Aug. 26 from 6-9 p.m. at Kulana `Oiwi QLCC conference room. Dinner will be provided.

The discussion will include questions such as
– What are the successes and challenges facing our local rural communities?
– What is unique and different in Hawaii? What can we share with the nation?
– How can government (local, state, and federal) help our rural communities?
– Where do our rural communities stand on issues related to: 1) local, sustainable agriculture and regional food systems, 2) alternative energy development, 3) community economic development, and 4) rural broadband

The results of these convenings will be incorporated in an Action Plan to be developed at the State Rural Summit to be held on September 24, 2010. Please see
for more details on the Summit, to be held in conjunction with the Hawaii Agricultural Alliance Conference.

For questions or information, contact Malia Akutagawa at 553-8209 or

Rural Hawaii to be Heard | Molokai Dispatch

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