Sweetpotato Varietal Trial Field Day Enormous Success

For this trial 12 varieties of Sweetpotato were measured for the Marketable Yield and Weevil damaged per variety.

The participants of the Field Day provided information on each varieties appearance, taste, and texture - yes, each participant was provided with cooked samples of each variety!

This Trial was to help growers make decisions to determine which variety of sweetpotato to invest their efforts in for the various markets.

The sweeter varieties were more marketable for various reasons but were prone to insect damage.

Dr. Rosemary Gutierrez-Coarite Ph.D. surveys the rows of sweetpotato grown for the Varietal Trial.
Ernest Rezents, Professor Emeritus Maui College and former head of the MCC Agriculture Department, looks for Rough Weevil damage as the typical damage done by Sweetpotato Weevil is displayed by Dr. Gutierrez-Coarite.

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