2021 Interim Maui Diamondback Moth Pesticide Resistance Management Program

by Rosemary Gutierrez-Coarite and Ronald Mau -

Maui Diamondback Moth Pesticide Resistance Management Program, insecticide spray schedule for the second half of the 2021 calendar year. The insecticide spray schedule is from July through December, based on insecticide bioassay results conducted in May, 2021. On Maui, the bioassay test results showed an increased resistance to Coragen and Radiant, and these pesticides will continue to be removed from the insecticide resistance management program. It’s VERY IMPORTANT that you follow the DBM Pesticide Resistance Management Program spray schedule to avoid a buildup in insecticide resistance. Until further notice, please follow the insecticide rotation spray schedule. Thank you for your commitment to the program. If you have any questions, please email me at gr6@hawaii.edu.

Month of: Rotation ProductRotation Product
July Exirel
August Movento
September Torac
October Rimon
November Avaunt
December Torac

Pesticides Information: the label is the law, read and follow product labels for all pesticides.

Cleared for use on Cabbage (tight head varieties only)
Rates – 3.5 oz./A (Do not make more than 6 applications/year) Do not exceed a total of 14 oz./A per season.

Application rates: 7-13.5 fl.oz./A
Do not enter or allow entry into treated areas during the restricted entry interval (REI) of 12 hour.
Pre-harvest Interval (PHI): 1 days
Do not apply less than 5-day interval.
Do not make more than 6 applications per calendar year of any cyantraniliprole containing products for diamondback moth control at the same farm location.
Minimum application volume:|10.0 GPA - ground, 2.0 GPA - aerial application
Use penetrant/sticker – Ie. Phase, Dynamic or LI700.

Application Rates: 17.0 – 21.0 fl.oz/A
Do not apply more than 2 times per crop season. Allow at least 14 days between applications.
Do not apply more than 42 fluid ounces per acre per crop cycle. Do not make more than 4 applications per year.
PHI – 1 day

Application Rates 4.0 – 5.0 fl.oz./A
Apply Movento 2 consecutive weeks for maximum efficacy. Add Penetrant to spray mix IE.
Phase 16 fl.oz./100 gal Minimum interval between applications: 7 days
Maximum allowed per crop season: 10 fl.oz./A PHI – 1 day.

Rates for foliar application 8 - 12.0 oz./A
Do not apply more than a total of 24 fl.oz. per acre per season. Do not make more than 3 applications per crop per season.
Do not make more than 2 sequential applications w/out rotating with another worm controlling product with a different mode of action.
PHI – 7 day of harvest.

The information provided in this publication was developed with the funding support of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture.

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